Thursday, October 28, 2010

Choosing a Cold Therapy System

Cold therapy is a highly effective method of pain management and is especially useful after an orthopedic trauma such as a serious sport’s injury, during physical therapy and post surgery, including arthroscopic, reconstructive and plastic surgeries. When used correctly a cold therapy system decreases fluid buildup, reduces swelling and limits muscle spasms. It also slows the release of chemicals which cause both pain and inflammation. The end result is a faster, less painful recovery.

There are a number of cold therapy systems currently available on the market. The following is a quick check list to help you identify the cold therapy system that will work best for you.

  • Is the system comfortable? If you will be wearing the device for long periods of time, comfort will matter. Look for a cold therapy pump system that is ergonomically designed to provide comfortable area coverage and allows custom-tailored temperature control. If you are allergic to latex, seek out systems that use Latex-free pads.

  • Is the system easy to clean? Moisture breeds bacteria so it is important to choose a system that is easy to clean. This is critical if you are rehabilitating after a surgery as incisions are especially vulnerable to bacterial infection.

  • Does the system need to be portable? Will you be using it exclusively at home, or will you be traveling with it to a rehab clinic or another away location? If you plan on taking the cold therapy system with you on the road at any time, look for a system that is both compact and light weight. A smaller system will also make storage easier. If you plan on using the system in locations that do not have electricity outlets, choose a system that offers a manual pump option.

  • How important is convenience to you? If you are looking for convenience, seek out a system that is easy to use and quiet. Higher quality products and medical device sites will also feature helpful instructional videos.

  • Is the system dependable? Look for a respected name brand cold therapy manufacturer such as Breg, Ossur or Vitalwear. These systems offer superior filtration systems and motors, backed by reliable warranties. The result is a high quality system that reliably delivers consistent temperature.

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