Saturday, September 27, 2014

DonJoy Defiance vs. Reaction

After a knee injury, it can be difficult to know which type of brace is best for your recovery. One built for ligaments won’t function the same as one built to prevent dislocations, for example. Today we’d like to compare and contrast two of DonJoy’s more popular models: the Defiance and Reaction knee braces.

The Defiance is unofficially known as the flagship brace of DonJoy. Its patented leverage system and lightweight, high-tech design make it the go-to brace for any sort of ligament instabilities. ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL. You name a ligament, the Defiance will handle it. While the Defiance may be lightweight, it is no slouch when it comes to durability and stability. Its carbon-composite build makes it perfect for high-impact sports like rugby, snow sports or football when protection is an absolute must. It’s also available with the LoPro FourcePoint Hinge, the only hinge clinically-proven to protect the ACL. It does all this with a low-profile design to keep it out of your way and under clothing or uniforms.

The Reaction, on the other hand, was designed for kneecap stability and anterior knee pain reduction. The brace’s elastomeric web design helps absorb pressure that would normally be felt on the patella and disperse it throughout the rest of your knee. It’s a fantastic brace if you have arthritis or tendonitis problems that could use the helping hand. The brace’s open web design and mesh backing lets your knee breathe comfortably unlike traditional elastic designs.

The chart below summarizes the main differences between the Reaction and the Defiance.

Reaction Defiance
Built For Tendonitis, Arthritis, Knee Cap Dislocation and Stability Ligament protection (ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL)
Durability Velcro can be known to wear out due to continued use Perfect for high-impact sports
Design Elastomeric webbing to disperse pain Lightweight carbon-composite frame
Misc 6-month warranty Custom built, lifetime warranty on hinges and frames

We pride ourselves on carrying the best and most varied selection of knee braces for pre- and post-op conditions, but your condition might not fit one of these two braces. Always be sure to consult a medical professional to find out what sort of support your knee needs to help you stay healthy and active!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Durable Players to Pick up in Your NFL Fantasy League

The NFL season is in full swing and with it the ever-competitive and intriguing fantasy football season. Whether playing for bragging rights with your friends or with a pool of anonymous players for a cash prize, it’s the ultimate chance to test your knowledge of statistics and roll the dice. We’re just a few short weeks into the season and we’ve already seen players go down with season-ending or season-shortening injuries. Here are a few players we’d recommend you pick up on the waiver wire or trade for if your roster has already been decimated by injuries.
  1. Philip Rivers – The San Diego QB has been consistent throughout his entire career, averaging around 30 touchdown passes, 4,200+ passing yards, and a yearly QB rating hovering around 100. The rest of the Chargers’ 2014 season will be highlighted by tough road games, but Rivers’ poise against Seattle’s menacing secondary has to be encouraging for any fantasy league player.

  2. Kirk Cousins – OK, OK, he came into the game for Robert Griffin III against a lowly Jacksonville Jaguars team and torched them (as expected) but he’s now going to be THE guy moving forward for Washington the rest of the year. Washington’s schedule won’t be easy this year, but with games against questionable NFC West, NFC South and AFC South opponents, they could eek their way into the wild card conversation. Cousins has looked good in spot starts, has a high football IQ, and when given time to throw, completes close to 70% of his passes. He also fits well into Jay Gruden’s offensive scheme. You just might want to sit him against Seattle :)

  3. Darren Sproles – You probably drafted his Philadelphia counterpart, LeSean McCoy. You had plenty of reason to do so! With Sproles’ undeniable speed and ability to accelerate in open space, he’s a threat in both the passing and running game. He’s missed only a handful of games over his career and rushes for an average of 5.1 yards per carry. His catches average 9.1 yards, and if history tells us anything, then he’ll average around 65-70 catches this year coming out of the Eagles backfield. Oh, he’s also only fumbled the ball THREE TIMES in his entire career. He’ll carve up defenses like St. Louis, New York, Tennessee, Washington, and Dallas, making you look like a genius for picking him up. 

  4. Jordy Nelson – We’re not sure why anyone would pass on Green Bay’s new “it” guy, but in case you did, here’s a reminder that you made a mistake. After spending the first six seasons of his career in the shadow of household Packer names like Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and James Jones, Nelson has emerged to become the favorite target for QB Aaron Rodgers. Having only missed a small handful of games over his career, Nelson has become an architect of the sideline catch, creating height and separation from his defenders where other receivers might not be able to find it. He averages over 15 yards per catch and has only fumbled once in his career. The Packers may be trying to diversify their offense with Eddie Lacy and James Starks running the ball, but you don’t leash an arm like Rodgers’ when you have it. Nelson will carve up the secondaries of Minnesota, Miami, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay just to name a few.

  5. Steve Smith – The veteran, long-time-Panther-now-Raven looked like a man possessed this past week against Pittsburgh. He’s missed just a few games over the course of his career and averages over 14.5 yards per catch. With Jacoby Jones as Joe Flacco’s primary target and Baltimore’s tendency to rely on the short passing game, expect Steve Smith to be the receiver left overlooked by the defense. Baltimore’s journey this year won’t be an easy one in the always-tough AFC North, but games against the NFC and AFC South with less-than-stellar secondaries will give him a chance to shine.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Product Spotlight: Donjoy Velocity Ankle Brace

DonJoy's Velocity Ankle Brace, available in three different support levels, is the most useful brace for men and women at risk for injury-prone ankles. These braces are also ideal for those who have already experienced an ankle injury and are on the mend, and especially for those involved in athletics or high-impact activities who want to be proactive in preventing potential injuries.

These Velocity Ankle Braces are so popular because they're not only functional but also very comfortable to wear. They feature a plastic shell that's both lightweight and heat moldable, giving each user a semi-customizable fit. The semi-rigid plastic that makes up the foot plate and lateral uprights provides protection against impact, such as being kicked during sports like soccer, football or rugby.

DonJoy offers three styles of the Velocity Ankle Brace:

Light Support (LS) is the standard configuration capable of providing the foundation required for prevention of ankle injury and treatment for those recovering from previous injuries. This is a bilaterally hinged brace with correct anatomical design that allows for unrestricted foot movement while guarding against unnatural ankle rotation that's the cause of most ankle sprains. Compression of the ankle to prevent swelling is provided by special R3 (Rapid, Rigid, Ratcheting) Technology™ incorporated into the calf cuff. Lightweight and low profile, this brace is designed to comfortably fit into the user's shoe. It can also be trimmed to accommodate the use of orthotics, if necessary.

The Medium Support (MS) Velocity Ankle Brace starts with the basic LS Brace and adds a soft, speed wrap that creates additional compression to the medial and lateral malleolus bones, which are the bony protrusions coming out of the sides of each ankle. This helps control inflammation and provides more support for those needing it, especially those recovering from past ankle injury.

The Extra Support (ES) Velocity Ankle Brace takes the MS model and adds one additional speed wrap with laces for compression around the foot. The ES is the most popular choice of Velocity braces and is ideal for those suffering from chronic ankle problems, those rehabilitating from a past injury, and for athletes engaging in any type of sports activity where cutting or pivoting maneuvers are common.

Sizing Specifications

DonJoy Velocity Braces are appropriate for use by either men or women and come in black or white. They're available in three sizes (S-M-L), in two calf sizes (standard and wide), and can be ordered for either the left or right foot.
  • Small – men's shoe size 8 & under, women's 9-1/2 and under
  • Medium – men's 8-12, women's 9.5-13.5
  • Large – men's 12 & up, women's 13.5 & up

Friday, September 12, 2014

Get Back Pain Relief with the Aspen Horizon 631 LSO

aspen horizon 631 hso back brace
A popular choice from Aspen Horizon, the 631 LSO back brace can provide relief to those who suffer from acute or chronic low back pain. It’s low-profile and ergonomic design allows you to comfortably wear the brace under your clothing. 

Its adjustable sizing fits a variety of people, from those with a 24 inch waist all the way up to a 54 inch waist. With the addition of extension panels, the sizing accommodates even larger waists- up to 70 inches. Simply tighten or loosen until the brace comfortably fits your body. Its construction prevents the back panel from bunching up, allowing for a snug but flexible fit.

With tri-band technology, this brace provides stability while allowing for effective compression and flexibility of the body. As with all other Horizon braces, the Horizon 631 LSO can be reconfigured to act as a Horizon PRO brace, allowing for continual treatment of recurring back discomfort. Lateral panels are included in this full back support brace to provide support on the sides of the spine if needed.

Wearing this brace is easy and can be put on relatively quickly. Wrap it around your abdomen, overlapping the right side of the brace over the left in the front. Pull on the dual lacers to adjust compression levels as needed- the left for lower compression and the right for upper compression. Once the optimal levels of compression have been reached, secure the tabs to the front of the brace.

Constructed of breathable mesh fabric, this back brace is easy to clean, and it should be cleaned regularly. Simply hand wash in cold water with a mild soap, rinse, and allow it to air dry before it is worn again.

The 631 LSO back brace is a great option for post-op patients, as it’s able to provide several configurations to assist with the recovery process. If you or any of your patients are looking for a spine brace to assist with rapid recovery, this is it. MMAR Medical carries a variety of spinal back braces to assist with your back pain relief regimen.