Friday, July 19, 2013

Breg Freestyle OA Knee Brace Review: A Comfortable Knee Brace for Active Lifestyles

For active people and athletes, osteoarthritis of the knee can become a debilitating condition that can alter their entire lifestyle. What’s worse is that because they put stress on their joints more often, active people tend to develop osteoarthritis earlier in their lives and, if they continue to remain active, can have it worsen more quickly once they are diagnosed. It’s simply the nature of joint overuse that causes this, and of course can become more of an issue if other knee injuries have also occurred.

The Breg Freestyle Osteoarthritis Knee Brace aims to alleviate pain and performance issues that stem from osteoarthritis and also prevent osteoarthritis from worsening. For athletes, runners, and others that live active lifestyles, having an OA brace that allows them to keep participating in the activities they love is essential.

Light and Comfortable Design

The issue with many OA knee braces is that wearing them becomes a chore. Not only are they clunky, but they are also uncomfortable and can sometimes create more issues than they are solving. The Breg Freestyle OA Brace features a low profile hinge that doesn’t interfere with activity or get in the way of your opposite knee. The brace is secured with a set of soft, comfortable Velcro straps. The Velcro attachments allow the brace to remain free from snagging on clothing and the brace can be worn just as easily under pants as it can with shorts.

The Performance Athletes Need

Athletes, particularly long distance runners, will love the performance that the Breg Freestyle Brace provides. Whether you’re in need of a lateral or medial brace, the Breg Freestyle gives your knee proper support by providing firm but gentle pressure to the joint, preventing your knee joint from grinding. This OA knee brace model features a numbered adjustable wheel on the hinge that allows you to change the amount of offloading easily and quickly.

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