Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Waterproof Knee Brace for Waterskiing

For some snow skiing enthusiasts the summer months mark the end of the ski season, but many skiers take to the water in pursuit of year round skiing. Waterskiing allows skiers to mimic the moves and skill required on the mountain by being pulled behind a boat on a body of water. One may think that a lack of icy moguls and treacherous rocks and trees takes the risk out of waterskiing; however, waterskiing presents similar risks that participants should be aware of.

Even for beginners, waterskiing is a sport that requires full-body strength and control to successfully get on top of the water. Risk of bodily injury grows as the speed and trick difficulty increases. An athlete’s knees and other joints are especially vulnerable to injury during a waterskiing wipeout when the equipment and the athlete’s body move in opposite directions. For athletes with a history of knee injuries, a waterproof knee brace provides additional support and confidence so water-skiers can continue with the sport they love.

While there are several knee braces that provide ligament support during watersports, the Ossur CTi® OTS Ligament Knee brace offers the highest level of protection for waterskiing enthusiasts. The CTi Ligament Knee Brace’s superior fit and design gives the athlete needed joint stability with unmatched comfort. The waterproof knee brace is designed with anatomically-correct Accutrac hinges, flexible cuffs and buckles allowing the joint to naturally move while protecting the knee from irregular knee angles associated with high speed crashes. The carbon composite frame coupled with a flexible subshell, adjustable tibial straps and breathable liners ensures the waterproof knee brace remains properly positioned on the knee. Ossur CTi® OTS Ligament Knee brace has been graded for all activity levels and provides support to the ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL ligaments.

Professional water-skiers and wake boarders have high praise for the waterproof knee brace.  After Scott Byerly suffered a second major knee injury on the water he needed a durable knee brace that could withstand a large amount of stress from the wake. At the suggestion of a fellow watersport athlete, Scott, tried the CTi Ligament Knee Brace and was immediately impressed with the confidence it brought to his knee. The low-profile design and lightweight material has allowed Scott to regain focus on his riding and landing aerial tricks, not thinking about his surgically repaired knee. While there is no waterproof knee brace that will outperform a healthy and strong knee joint, a CTi ligament brace gives you extra confidence when charging the wake on your next waterskiing outing!

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