Monday, July 15, 2013

Orthofeet Naples Diabetic Sandals Review

Orthofeet Naples diabetic shoes are one of the highest selling and most stylish products offered by MMAR Medical. These shoes are made with comfort and safety in mind. They are specifically designed to optimize breathability and support to help reduce pressure. Naples diabetic sandals are also designed with a wide, easy open design. This design helps the user easily slip the shoe on or insert custom insoles.


Most shoes are made with material that doesn’t allow an adequate amount of air on to the foot. Without adequate air and an increase in pressure the foot begins to sweat and blisters can form. The blisters caused from sweat and too much pressure can turn into extremely painful foot ulcers. Orthofeet Naples diabetic sandals allow increased airflow, so skin irritations and blisters due to sweat is dramatically reduced.


Support is crucial when searching for diabetic shoes and that’s exactly what Orthofeet Naples diabetic sandals offer. These diabetic shoes have several different areas of support. The heal of the shoe has a custom designed heal fitting strap that allows for reduced heal slippage. Also equipped with extra support padding this diabetic shoe ensures that your feet are comfortable throughout even the longest days of walking.

If you’re looking for a great diabetic shoe for men or women then look no further. The Orthofeet Naples diabetic shoe offers superior support, breathability, and comfort. At only $99 these shoes are a deal you can’t pass up. Keep your feet comfortable and safe with our phenomenal diabetic shoes.

At MMAR Medical our goal is to provide you with the best medical products at a price you can afford. If you have any questions about our Naples diabetic shoes, please contac
t us at 800.662.7633 and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Thanks for the post. These look like a great pair for my grandmother that is in need of some orthopedic sandals.