Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eat this... Not that! Diabetic Safe Food Options

Contrary to popular belief, diabetes does not mean the end of enjoying food. There are plenty of delicious foods that are diabetes friendly. The key is to monitor your diet and replace foods high in sugar and carbohydrates with healthy alternatives. Below is an example of good options and bad options for diabetics.


Eat this: Reduced fat yogurt with low-fat granola and non-fat or low fat milk.

Not this: doughnuts with apple Juice

It is important to start the day off right to make sure your blood sugar is right on track. Avoid sugary cereals, white bread, bacon and processed juices.


Eat this: Ham sandwich with lettuce, tomato and low fat mayo on whole wheat bread with water or unsweetened ice tea with lemon to drink

Not this: Hamburger with fries and a soda to drink

If you are going to have red meat, ham is one of the best meats that a diabetic can have. It is rich in protein and contains little fat. Additionally, whole wheat bread is a excellent source of fiber. Soda is one of the most sugar-filled items on the market with cans having dozens of grams of sugar per glass so it is an item to try to avoid.

Afternoon Snack:

Eat This: granola bar or beef jerky (both should be sugar free - they sneak it in, so be sure to check!)

Not this: bag of chips

Chips have a high glycemic score and are not ideal for controlling blood sugar. Instead granola bars are a great source of fiber. Be sure to read the label though to make sure granola bars have at least 5 grams of fiber and less than 150 calories per bar. Likewise, sugar-free beef jerky is high in protein and low in calories.


Eat This: Skinless chicken breast seasoned to taste, green bean casserole (made with non or low fat mushroom soup) and water or unsweetened ice tea with lemon.

Not This: Pork chops, butter rolls and alcohol

Chicken breast is an excellent source of protein. Avoid butter because it is high in fat which leads to cardiovascular diseases for diabetics.

Regulating your food intake is very important in your diabetic diet. Be sure to couple a healthy diet with regular exercise, as exercising can help improve your body’s use of insulin and decrease your body fat (which results in improved insulin sensitivity). Even walking a few times a week in diabetic shoes can help put you on the right track.

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