Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Swede-O Thermoskin Open Wrap Knee Brace Review

To treat knee complications such as a ligament injuries or arthritic pain, the Swede-O Thermoskin Open Wrap Knee Brace can provide significant relief through a combination of compression, stabilization and heat therapy. As a rehabilitation brace, the Swede-O helps to stabilize the knee, alleviating pain and facilitating proper alignment for easier and more comfortable walking. It can also relieve pressure that arises from ailments such as strain injuries, arthritis, and other knee problems. The Thermoskin Open Wrap Knee Brace is an ideal product to maintain a strong and stable knee for smooth, pain-free function in the activities of everyday life.

As the only authorized supplier of Thermoskin products, Swede-O is a leader in the field of heat therapy. The Open Wrap Knee Brace by Swede-O contains Thermoskin Thermal Supports that increase the temperature of the knee beneath the skin. Only Thermoskin products have demonstrated the ability to raise the knee temperature by 2 to 3 degrees, which results in a maximal benefit of heat therapy. Indeed, a temperature of approximately one or two degrees above the normal body temperature is the optimal heat level for superior muscular function. Also, the Trixion lining of the Thermoskin supports is a patented technology that sustains the heat within the knee while simultaneously ventilating the area to hinder perspiration. As a consequence of the ventilating abilities of Trixion lining, the Swede-O knee brace keeps moisture away from the knee and allows for pleasant long-term wear.

Additional features of the Swede-O Thermoskin Open Wrap Knee Brace set it apart from competitive forms of knee therapy. For example, the Swede-O knee brace contains side spirals along the length of the brace and on either side of the knee for secure support and walking stability. Also, the Swede-O knee brace wraps around the knee and fastens above and below the knee with adjustable velcro straps. An opening in the brace over the patella, or the knee cap, allows for added ventilation and thus a dryer and more comfortable long-term usage. The brace's circular opening over the patella reduces knee pressure and prevents the brace from exacerbating any possible bruises or tenderness in the knee as well. Further, the brace opens and closes along its entire anterior, a feature that cooperates with the popliteal, or knee, opening to provide the highest level of comfortable flexibility and the widest range of motion that is possible.

In addition to aiding in walking stability, the Swede-O Thermoskin Open Wrap helps alleviate pain associated with injury, osteoarthritis, and even previously standard knee braces. It administers compression to the knee, excluding the patella, and increases circulation as a catalyst to the healing and pain-relief processes. The dryness provided by the ventilated Trixion lining also serves to prevent rashes and other cutaneous, or skin, irritations. The neoprene lining material used in conventional knee braces does not allow moisture to escape, facilitating excessive perspiration and thus irritations and odors.

This heat therapy knee brace is conveniently available in a vast range of sizes to suit every body type. The sizes span from extra-small to quintuple extra large, and proper sizing is based on the measurement of the circumference in inches of the area below the knee cap while the knee is slightly bent. From 10.25 inches to 27.75 inches, Swede-O offers a knee brace to fit every measurement within said inclusive interval. The Swede-O Thermoskin Open Wrap Knee Brace is also conveniently washable, and it comes with a craftsmanship guarantee that lasts for six months. It helps to alleviate arthritis or injury pain while stabilizing the knee for proper function in daily activities. Its unique and innovative Thermoskin and Trixion technologies make Swede-O stand out from the crowd as the leading distributor of heat therapy products. The Swede-O Thermoskin Open Wrap Knee Brace is available for nearly any body type, truly helping the knee and allowing each patient to resume a normal life as soon as possible.

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