Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Travel Tips for the Elderly

No matter what your age is, traveling takes preparation and work, but it always seems to be worth it when you reach the final destination. Seniors may need to put in extra exertion when they travel since age sometimes results in a wider range of needs. This effort can be easier if you follow our travel tips for the elderly below: 

1. Plan, Reserve, Confirm

Seek the shortest travel times and look for direct flights 
Try to use airlines that have senior discounts, such as Southwest and Amtrak
Request any special services for the elderly that are available ahead of time by contacting the airline
Choose a seat assignment in rows designation for disabled travelers or the exit row because it has more leg room
Book wheelchair service at every airport (usually free) or bring your transport chair with you and make a plan for getting it on and off the plane
Purchase travel insurance with pre-existing illness cover 
Prepare documents and make sure you have everything you need for the trip
Print tickets and make copies of all important documents (passport, tickets, drivers license, insurance and more)
Confirm your flight times and that you have transportation to and from the airport

2. Pack Practically

Pack light, but include items for every weather scenario 
Utilize a rolling suitcase to keep from straining your back
Put all of your prescriptions in one place, preferably a pillbox with compartments for different days of the week and include notes
Make sure your carry-on bag has everything you need during the duration of the flight, including eyeglasses, a neck pillow and entertainment

3. Act Safely

Stay focused in airports and crowded places
Keep your eye on your bags
Ask for help when you need, don’t be afraid to ask flight attendant to assist you with carry-ons and escort you onto and off of the plane
Use a rollator or walker to guide you and help you after a long day on your feet

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  1. Under #2, where you talk about using a pillbox or daily pill separator, this is NOT a good idea. In many states and probably abroad (dealing with customs agents and TSA) this is illegal. You MUST carry your prescription and non-prescription medications in their original bottles with the labels intact or risk confiscation of the medication, fines and even arrest, with or without a letter from your doctor(s) explaining the type of medicine you have with you and all because it was in a pillbox and not the original bottle. TSA, Customs Agents,and other officials do not know that little green pill controls your heart rate. For all they know it could be some illegal drug you plan to sell. So ladies and gentlemen, keep your medications in their bottles, whether you travel by plane, boat, train, car, bike, or feet. PLEASE!