Thursday, May 30, 2013

Product Spotlight: CEP Calf Compression Sleeves

Over the past few years, compression gear has become popular among athletes, particularly runners who are training for long distances including marathons. One of the more effective pieces of compression gear is calf compression sleeves, and they have been gaining popularity for their performance and recovery enhancing effects. Many users also cite the benefit of calf compression over long compression socks during the summer months, as it gives your ankles and calves a bit more breathing room. Some of the benefits of wearing calf compression sleeves include:

  • Reducing soreness during and after training
  • Increasing blood flow, resulting in improved recovery time
  • Improving running time
  • Decreasing vibration and muscle strain making for an easier run
  • Reducing injuries

The CEP Calf Compression Sleeves are one of the newest entrants to the market, and feature the latest compression technology. Other brands include SKINS, Zensah, and RecoFiT, but CEP (Compete, Endure, Perform) is regarded as the best fitting and best performing of these brands, probably due in large part to their medically influenced technology. All of CEP’s products are backed by research performed by reputable scientific journals, such as The Journal of Strength and Conditioning, and the calf sleeves are no different.

So how specifically do these calf compression sleeves differ from the competition? CEP calf sleeves are made of higher quality compression material and hold their tightness for a longer amount of time. It’s important to order your correct size, which will require a measurement of your calf circumference. After all, compression sleeves can’t work properly if they aren’t compressing your muscles.

One of the main benefits of CEP compression gear is that it tends to fit a bit more snug than other similar products, but it’s never constricting. This results in a feeling of stabilizing your muscles, actually making you feel stronger and allowing your muscles to endure tougher workouts. Another benefit is in comfort. CEP’s are made from one solid piece of material, so there are no irritating seams that will rub against your legs and distract you from training.

Finally, minimalist runners who use Vibrams will love these compression sleeves. Since wearing long compression socks is not an option with Vibrams, it gives the benefit of leg compression. But it also shortens the longer recovery time associated with using Vibram running shoes by reducing vibration and improving blood flow to the calves.

CEP Compression Calf Sleeves are available in our store at a great price and in your choice of six colors. Shop today for free shipping on your order of $75 or more.

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