Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Product Spotlight: Freedom Spinal LSO Back Brace

When you suffer from back pain, finding effective treatment is more than a relief—it can completely change your lifestyle. The Freedom Spinal Lumbar Sacral Orthotic (LSO) is named for the freedom that comes with back pain relief, and it is also one of the few LSOs that truly allows for an active lifestyle while wearing the device.

The Freedom Spinal LSO is designed to treat back pain related to spondylosis, chronic lumbar instability, post-operative rehabilitation, degenerative disc disease, chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, herniated lumbar discs, and more through relieving the load on your lumbar discs.

How does the Freedom LSO work?

The Freedom LSO relieves the load your body puts on your lumbar discs by lifting and compressing your anterior weight. The LSO features two straps that are tightened to improve posture and decrease pressure on your lumbar discs, relieving pain.

Three removable panels on the Freedom LSO offer varying levels of support. As you move through treatment, these panels can be removed so that you can gradually improve your lumbar strength according to your treatment regimen.

The low-profile design of the device gives you a wide range of motion so that you can continue your active lifestyle. In fact, it's recommended that you use the Freedom LSO only when you're engaging in activities that can aggravate your lumbar discs, or when you are experience pain symptoms. This allows your lumbar discs to strengthen and heal without pain when you are both active and resting.

If you have an active lifestyle and have recently discovered that your back pain is related to lumbar issues, the Freedom LSO back brace is one of the most effective braces of its kind. Talk to your doctor or order today from MMARMedical.com.

MMAR Medical is a retailer of a wide range of medical devices for patients and doctors including back braces, heating pads, lumbar traction devices, and other therapy products.

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